About Us

Our SBDC is part of a 40-year national legacy committed to small business success.

With unparalleled access to no-cost expertise from entrepreneurs who have seen it all, Sonoma SBDC provides small businesses with the solutions they seek and the confidence they need to realize their dreams.

SBDC is making a big impact on our local communities

Sonoma SBDC is proud to be a part of the greater NorCal SBDC network and work together to support local entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools and insights to start, grow, and pivot their businesses.

🙶 None of this would have been possible without the guidance and support of the SBDC… Now I can see my business dreams are coming to life.

Marc-Henri Jean-Baptiste, Maison Porcella

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Small business isn’t so small after all…

Creating two-thirds of net new jobs and driving U.S. innovation and competitiveness, small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. We pride ourselves on knowing that for each business we help, there is a family one-step closer to realizing their potential. The work of the Sonoma SBDC contributes to the greater impact in the Northern California region – through new businesses, good jobs, and community impact.

01/01/2020 — 12/31/2020


New Jobs Created


New Taxable Revenue


Total Capital Infusion*


Businesses that received one-on-one advising


Total Hours of Advising/Consulting


SBDC Training Event Attendees

All data reported by SBDC businesses. No multipliers used, results verified annually by third-party research.
*Total capital infusion includes loans and equity

Our Mission

Sonoma SBDC’s mission is to empower now and next-generation entrepreneurs with a prepared, growth mindset – through transformative insights, resources, and guidance.

Our Vision

To help Northern California entrepreneurs and small businesses become the most resilient, focused, and competitive small businesses in the market.

Our Values

The highest quality of service to our clients.

Creating measurable local economic impact.

Quick to respond to market needs.

Open to change.

Respect & Integrity
Doing what is right and treating people right.

Working for the good of the team.

Confidence based on real understanding

With a network of seasoned experts, we don’t just offer advice and resources, we offer a relationship as a trusted advisor you can turn to in good times and bad. Our job is to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit, instilling confidence based on real understanding.

We provide clients a strong foundation to build on.

No one can predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it. In these uncertain times, you can rely on SBDC to provide security and stability when it’s needed most. We are your support team, genuinely excited about your business, and we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs like you successfully navigate the economy’s ups and downs and prepare for whatever lies ahead.