Creative Ways to Fund Your Business

Oct 20 12:00 pm — 1:30 pm

Event Details

More just financing your business, this workshop covers the challenge businesses face now and throughout the various stages of the pandemic related to Finding and Securing Capital.

The webinar covers options to fund your business in today’s economy in a variety of ways including: Financing Startup Costs, Expansion, Purchasing Inventory, and Funding current projects related to Operations or Production. We’ll also estimate the risk in changing economic conditions.

About the Presenter

John Degaetano

Presenter John DeGaetano is a former bank executive with a strong background in management and leadership. DeGaetano has extensive experience in administration, marketing, sales business planning, operations, project management and financial analysis.

John served as First Vice President and Regional Manager for a community bank in the Bay Area where he played a major role in the bank’s growth development.

John, a graduate of Ohio University, earned the national designation Northern California’s State Star for his outstanding performance in assisting small businesses.

John is a certified NxLevel instructor in addition to advising new and existing business owners in the areas of business planning, finance, sales, and disaster planning. He is also the author of several books related to business planning, and lending.