SBDC Questions and Answers

Tech Futures Group

How is TFG assessed? What are TFG’s goals?

TFG is measured on three main goals — capital infusion, jobs created, and revenue.

  1. Capital Infusion is the primary goal. Capital Infusion is comprised of:
    • Debt of any kind, including a loan from the owner to the business
    • Equity investment of any kind, including owner investment
    • Crowdfunding
    • Grants of any kind; typically these are federal and state governmental grants.
  2. Jobs created
  3. Revenue

TFG funders require that you, the TFG client, acknowledge any economic impact results in writing. An email from you stating the economic impact achieved is sufficient. For example, it is sufficient for you to send an email with your signature block to your entrepreneur in residence stating, “We just received $2.2 million in an equity round. Thanks for your help.”