Evelin Sustaita Serecero

Evelin Sustaita Serecero

Program Coordinator

Sonoma SBDC

About Me:

As the Program Coordinator at the Sonoma SBDC, the combination of my education, community involvement and work experience in non-profits allow me to support the efforts of the Sonoma SBDC in achieving economic impact by meeting clients where they are at and guiding them through the process of building or expanding their business. I manage the administrative and day to day activities of the program, while providing support to the director, clients, advisors and stakeholders.

With over 5 years of customer service I support our clients by coordinating resources for them and guide them to reach their goal of starting or growing a small business.

I believe in the importance of small businesses in Sonoma County and the economic impact that they have in our community. I strive to ensure that the Sonoma SBDC and its services are accessible to our entire community, as a native Spanish speaker I am able to accomplish this by being able to communicate with our Spanish-speaking clients.

I also speak: Spanish