Sayarath Sirisouk

Sayarath (Sai) Sirisouk

Business Advisor

Sonoma SBDC

About Me:

Sayarath Sirisouk was born in Laos and also goes by the name Sai. He has two college degrees, a BS in Science and Engineering and an MBA. Sai is passionate about providing language services to Lao/Thai business owners in the Sonoma County area.

Raised in Thailand, Sai started his career in the banking sector and then moved on to building his career in the communication industry. Always an avid learner, he pursued a degree which would help him communicate better in both English and Thai.

Sai moved to the United States to study Science and Engineering and an interest in finance led him to complete an MBA and begin working with small business owners in Sonoma County. He quickly recognized a need within the community of Lao/Thai entrepreneurs in the area and started offering his services as a language expert. Many business owners now seek his assistance in bridging the language gap. His successful career has been featured in various publications and he also offers mentorship and guidance to young entrepreneurs.

When he’s not helping clients, Sai loves to take a break and play table tennis/ping pong.