Wendy Furmn

Wendy Furman

Business Advisor

Sonoma SBDC

About Me:

Creativity without limitations is the phrase designer and creative dervish best discribes Wendy Furman as words she lives by. In her years of work, Furman’s projects and images have elevated and help companies create everything from logos to socks, from blockbuster film posters such as Batman, to works that are included in the Library of Congress. Furman was born to create, and that she had done, with gusto!

Furman’s projects and works span a wide range of disciplines; digital, print, product, fabric, wallcoverings, furniture and more, and her many clients have included entertainment, wine industry, fine art to Fortune 500 companies. As Furman describes it, “what a fun creative life it has been!”

In her dual careers – as a fine artist, Furman’s compelling installations provoked thought and has the understanding and perspective of an exhibiting artist. In addition, her years of infrastructure support to museums and galleries allows Furman access into an exclusive inner world knowledge and understanding.

Wendy has a unique hybrid perspective in understanding the visual arts, art direction and design, and the business of being a sole-entrepreneur in the creative fields. These skills all converge with a keen curatorial eye, the excitement of new possibilities by looking through a different lens and assisting in helping forge untraditional paths and navigate landscapes to the creative thinker and creator.

Expertise: Creativity