What Your Customer Wants to Hear

Working your website? Creating marketing flyers? Writing blog posts? All great marketing begins by understanding your customer and knowing what they want to hear. Stop struggling with writing and learn the easy way to engage your readers.

Marketing Made Easier When You Start with Your Message

Without a single strong message, you risk confusing people with multiple messages, attracting the wrong customers, and wasting time. A strong core message will keep all your marketing consistent and focused. This workshop will show you how to craft the 3 sentences you need to create a core message that will support your marketing and branding efforts.

Crafting Your Purpose Told Stories

You hear a lot about “tell your story” but very little about exactly you should go about doing this. This video will give you concrete ideas on how to write your customer success stories, customer testimonials, and other stories you need for your business.

Storytelling Part 2: Discovering Hidden Stories

We focus on telling stories to others, but the real power of stories is the stories we tell ourselves. These are the stories that drive us to make decisions, to like one store over another, to convince ourselves we made the right choice. Learn how to trigger these hidden stories for stronger branding, more sales and make forever fans.

How Does Your Story Become Your Brand?

A brand is not just a logo and color scheme. Your brand is really defined by the perceptions of your customers. How do you get people to see your business as more than just a seller of a product or service? How do you get t hem to love you and tell their friends? How do you get them to care about you? This workshop will show you the simple and often free techniques you can use to build a brand that will create raving fans.

Painless Ways to Create a Marketing Plan

This workshop will help anyone to create a practical and useful marketing plan. This is not a plan you will need for a loan or other investment. Instead, this is a plan for you to understand all the ways you can market successfully and on your budget. Using the mindmap process you will find that you have many more options for marketing than you may realize.